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The Quiet Crowd Movie
The Quiet Crowd Movie

We are both excited and honored to be working with such an amazing talent with brilliant visionSean McCann has been brought on as Gaffer, and Jim Stulting as Cinematographer!  This is the one you won’t want to miss!  But our project needs support and money!  Please take a look, and if you like what you see donate or share.  It’s going to truly be breathtaking.


Live Music!  Check out our shoot with POP goji featuring LaRhonda Steele at the Goodfoot!

  • Project: Affable Gentleman Present Diagnose This! Live at the Clinton Theater
  • Responsible for: Cameras, Gaffing, Editing
  • Can be Found: Vimeo on Demand
  • Producer: Jason Potter


“Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor” is a mixture of stand-up, storytelling, and soap-boxing that will leave you wincing, wowed, and wanting more!

Diagnose This! Tales of a Medical Actor from JP on Vimeo.

  • Project: Carnatic Wave
  • Responsible for: Editing
  • Can be Found: 2018 India Global Film Festival, Youtube
  • Producer: David Van Auken
Carnatic Wave: A Glimpse of the Karaikudi Veena Tradition in Portland, Oregon
Sean McCann
Owner, Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Gaffer, Grip, Editor
Cinematography Reel
Cinematography Reel

I’m Sean McCann, a partner in SoNso Films and an Oregon based visual raconteur who specializes in video/film, lighting/gaffing, and writing/storytelling.  I’m constantly working on long term narrative projects while also creating short production videos such as advertising, corporate training, live events, short documentaries and more.  Our ultimate goal is to create feature films that invite conversation.

I believe that all humans are connected by story. Without those moral fables we have nothing to learn from, advance from, or move toward.  It’s the stories of humanity that make us what we are today. So'N'so Films celebrates and pays homage to those stories with friends and colleagues who join us in creating the best possible fables through motion image.  

I am driven to live an artistic life and work hard to accomplish it.  Check out my Cinematography Reel and contact me if you like it or have questions.

I love to collaborate and create with others; after all, connection is what it means to be human.

Let’s make together,

Sean McCann

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Jim Stulting
Owner, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor, SFX, Gaffer, Grip
DP Reel
DP Reel
Editing Reel
Editing Reel
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